21 August 2013

Peter Norman

My friend Gissur Erlingsson sent me a link to this story at The Independent about the fallout to the late Australian Olympian Peter Norman for his role in the famous black power protest at the 1968 Mexico City games. I'd written on the image some time ago but focused on Carlos and Smith. Norman paid a heavy price for his participation in this event. It seems like the Australian government might be ready to try to rectify that somewhat. Too late.

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Blogger Colin Penter said...

Jim, Many thanks for posting this. Peter Norman is a sporting hero of mine. As a 13 year old I watched his remarkable performance on and off the track just awestruck. No other sportsmen in this country's history has made such a profound political statement and suffered for it as much as Peter Norman. His treatment here in Australia after the events of 1968 and for the rest of his life was nothing short of a disgrace. The time he ran in 1968 is still the fastest time run by an Australian in the 200m. A magnificent documentary was made about him by his grandson and a book as well. If you can find the doco watch it. I hope you don't mind me posting this blog piece I wrote but it has a link to the doco. http://wwwcolinpenter.blogspot.com.au/2009/10/mexico-olympics-1968-peter-norman-and.html

Warm regards from Perth Western Australia

23 August, 2013 09:02  

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