30 October 2013

Digest ~ Political Economy

The Guardian has run a couple of pieces on discontent with shortcomings of standard economics and movements for 'alternative' approaches lately - see here and here. I can understand some of the frustration, but think the conclusion of rejecting standard technologies is misplaced. Exhibit #1 - The Guardian also just ran this piece by Saez and Piketty arguing for very progressive policies but relying for its analysis on very standard mathematical techniques.

According to this story in The New York Times, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has signed a new lease giving the museum the prerogative to set admissions fees. Admission currently is governed by 'recommended' fees that leave actual amounts paid by visitors up to the visitors themselves. While the institution claims it has no plans to alter the admissions policy, any move to increased fees would fall hardest on those least able to pay.

And here at Creative Time you can find this brief interview with Rebecca Solnit focusing on art and the political economy of American cities.

Finally, this pointed essay from Jacobin on the ironic amnesia that afflicted Barack Obama when he asked whether people who wanted a raise could simply shut down the company if the boss refused.

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