07 October 2013

Elizabeth Warren on "the anarchy gang"

"The boogey-man government is like the boogey-man under the bed. It's not real. It doesn't exist. [. . .] In our democracy, government is not some make believe thing that has an independent will of its own. In our democracy, government is just how we describe the things that we the people have already decided to do together." ~ Elizabeth Warren

From the passage above, Warren goes on to celebrate the experimental nature of democracy and to remind Republicans that the electorate already has rejected their views and and warn that they will do so again. This is, in all but one respect, a terrific speech. The problem is that the Republicans are not anarchists in any meaningful sense. They are reactionaries who hope to consolidate the oligarchy they've spent three decades working to establish. Anarchists want to devolve authority and influence; proponents of oligarchy want to usurp and centralize power, amplify inequality and dampen accountability. [Source: Mother Jones here.]

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Blogger JNagarya said...

But, speaking of "Liberal" hypocrisy . . . This is being ignored by Warren's staff, and perhaps by Warren herself:

A year ago last night, I made a promise to you. I stood on the stage at our election night party and I said:

"I won't just be your Senator, I will also be your champion."

But "champion" only of the middle class, including those in the middle class who use racism to maintain the status quo:

keeping the larger invisible class on which the middle class stands and grinds its heels both invisible and unrepresented.

After all, the Senator's _express campaign promise_ was to represent the middle class; no one else matters. Out of mind, out of existence.

HUD refuses to enforce tenant protections; instead it protects HUD-assisted owners and management agents _from_ the rule of law, including _from_ Federal anti-discrimination prohibitions.

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) illegally privileges one race over all others: it has two "Units": "Asian Outreach"; and one for everyone else. If one lives in Chinatown -- the "Asian Outreach" service area -- but isn't Asian, one is refused services based solely on one's race. That is a taxpayer-funded violation of Federal anti-discrimination law.

And GBLS, which consists of lawyers, knows that is illegal -- and protect and defend that status quo by means of retaliations against those who are (1) eligible for services, but (2) not Asian.

Thus GBLS also protects HUD-assisted owners and management agents _from_ the rule of law, while purporting to represent the interests of tenants.

And Senator Warren's staff avoids those issues, and hangs up on the constituent who reports those facts in order to protect that taxpayer-funded corruption. Because the Senator represents _only_ the middle class that is engaged in that blatant self-serving corruption.

The above is not an issue of privacy. It is an issue of public law and public policy.

JNagarya, Legal Professional, Civil Rights Activist, and Ethicist

20 November, 2013 17:26  

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