07 October 2013

Enthusiasms (38) ~ Sam Baker

I learned about Sam Baker - and his devastating brush with Maoist terrorism - from this brief mention at NPR. Eventually I ordered the CD and is is simply fabulous. Spare production, literate, sparse, incisive lyrics. (OK, I have one complaint - the lyrics/credits for the recording are 'embedded on the disc,' making it impossible for tech-challenged old folks like me to find them! - But here they are from Baker's web page in pdf.) 

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Blogger Colin Penter said...

Yes Agree completely Jim. I have all four of Sam Baker's CD's and they play over and over on my CD player. He makes music of such profound humanity and gravitas. His CD's rank as among the finest and most moving music I have heard.

13 October, 2013 05:08  

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