30 October 2013

No Surprise Here - Libertarians Tend to be Relatively Conservative Young White Guys

"The poll . . . shows libertarians identify much more with the GOP (43 percent) than with the Democratic Party (5 percent), but half identify with neither party.

The libertarian movement is largely homogeneous. It is strongly non-Hispanic white (94 percent), young (62 percent under 50 years old) and male (68 percent).

About four in 10 identify as members of the tea party movement (39 percent), while 61 percent do not. More Republicans identify with the tea party (20 percent) than with libertarians (12 percent)." (source)
In other words, they are a modestly expanding part of a shrinking portion of the voting population.  Perhaps they are too busy paying attention to themselves and their "freedom" to notice.



Blogger Stan B. said...

Some of the better descriptions include: Republican Lite, Republicans who smoke pot, Republicans too embarrassed to be labelled Republicans...

31 October, 2013 15:31  

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