14 October 2013

Seeing Women Who've Just Given Birth

In The Guardian today you can find this brief, smart essay on the possibility of using photography to pluralize our views of women - in this instance women who've just given birth. The essay rightly notes the vicissitudes of this task - both the narcissism of celebrities and the re-working of tired tropes. But the basic message - "When images of breastfeeding and postpartum tummies enter our popular culture, they will help to provide a path away from ignorance and embarrassment." - seems on the mark to me. And, of course, as I noted earlier today this is a timely topic in our household!

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Blogger Allison-Stewart.com said...

Rineke Dijkstra photographed women just moments after they had given birth in her series "Mothers". They are incredibly moving. Honest and beautiful.

20 October, 2013 20:46  

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