22 December 2013

Janet Delaney South of Market

Pat serves a customer at the Budget Hotel's Gordon Café, Mission and 7th streets. 
Photograph © Janet Delaney.

I have posted links here to various commentaries Rebecca Solnit has offered on the political-economic development of San Francisco. Here are links to a couple of her recent missives [1] [2]. I've just come across this new book South of Market by photographer Janet Delaney, who has spent three plus decades chronicling the neighborhood from which she borrows her title. Delaney depicts precisely what Solnit underscores - that "development" is at best partially assessed by focusing on the shiny new buildings and teeming masses of young recruits to the high-tech sector. Any such assessment needs to focus too on inflated housing markets and homogenized culture as existing populations are displaced by newcomers and their money.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

They're building an entirely new city around the stadium where the SF Giants play. And they're sure not apts for the "working class," that quaint terminology of yore. The median rent is currently $3,400, I guess we should count ourselves lucky for our small 1 BR for $1,700. The traditional Mexican community in the Mission is being ravaged and the homeless are all over the place to the utter bewilderment of all the monied techies now poring in. Of course, not a one sees any connection. A friend told me that London is ten times the size of SF, while the latter has ten times the amount of homeless.

26 December, 2013 13:33  

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