30 March 2014

Forget Heidegger

"The anti-Semitic passages total only about two and a half of the notebooks’ roughly 1,200 pages. Still, some scholars say, they put the lie to any claim that Heidegger’s Nazism can be kept separate from his philosophy, or confined only to the brief period in the early 1930s when he was the rector of the newly Nazified University of Freiburg."
Yes, and I only occasionally make racist comments too! No big deal.

So, apparently the issue is whether Martin Heidegger was a committed Nazi and anti-semite, or simply an opportunistic one. You have got to be kidding! Why are we even having this conversation? In either case - and I am unsure which is worse, to be honest - he was a bigot and an authoritarian. And he integrated his bigotry and authoritarianism into his day job [source here, and here too]. This was not simply a hobby for Martin. How much reason does anyone need to acknowledge that worrying about the man and his work is a waste of time?

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