27 April 2014

Catherine Leutenegger Kodak City

Last year a gaggle of Magnum photographers parachuted into Rochester.  This gave we locals a taste of what it is like being an 'urban decay story.' And it created a considerable stir when one of the photographers, Paolo Pellegrin, won a big photo award for a series of images that, politely, reflected an integrity-challenged process on the part of nearly everyone concerned. I won't rehearse the matter again as I posted about it here [1] [2] and then - thanks to Bob Hariman - participated in a terrific workshop at Northwestern on the various issues the episode raised [3].

A virtual friend (Thanks Stan!) recently brought to my attention this new work* by Swiss photographer Catherine Leutenegger that promises to be a more illuminating, though hardly more uplifting, view of Rochester and its travails. Once I am able to track down a copy I will provide a more informed response.
*Catherine Leutenegger. Kodak City. Kehrer Verlag, 2014.

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