06 September 2014

Lies White Men Tell About Black Men Shot Dead by the Police

The Police Chief in Ferguson, Thomas Jackson, released to the press tapes of a supposed robbery that Michael Brown had allegedly perpetrated. Well the store owner didn't report any such event. And, it turns out, the Chief lied about having received FOI requests for the tape. No such requests are on record. Here is Chief Jackson:

 And then there is the campaign, started by Chicago Firefighter Kevin O'Grady, to convict Brown on social media for putatively attacking the officer who shot him dead. There is the picture of a man, allegedly officer Darren Wilson, in a hospital bed seemingly badly beaten. Well, the man is the picture is not Darren Wilson. And, of course, there are eye-witness accounts suggesting that Brown never attacked Wilson at all. Here is Mr. O'Grady:

And, of course, there is the line of distortion, pursued by conservative blogger Charles Johnson (no relation!), suggesting that Brown was a thug with a ongoing record of serious criminal behavior - except that is false too. Here is Charles Johnson:
Let's set aside the inconvenient fact that even if all the allegations leveled by Jackson, O'Grady and Johnson were true, none is a capital offense. A young black man is dead. Senselessly. And white men have mounted concerted efforts to speak ill of him. Could any of this be blatant racism?

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